What is jostpay.me all about?

jostpay.me is a media app that allows you to watch adverts and answer product- based survey to assist brand owners evaluate how their respective product is faring in the market. These adverts are listed on your ‘Home’ page immediately you sign in on the platform. It is the default screen.

How does it work?

Download jostpay.me app, register and begin earn e-point from filling survey and watching ads from our ad partners. Convert your e-point to cash anytime you want.

How do I get advert sent to me?

No problems. These adverts are pre-loaded by the advertiser of the company advertising.

Can I choose my adverts myself?

No. The brand Agency/Manager have already done their audience segmentation and instructed the software application, on the profile of persons they would want to serve with their advert content.

Does that mean I cannot increase my chance to see more advert?

Unfortunately, No. The advertisers themselves determine this.

How do I get to see enough advert?

No worries. The more advertisers we have using this platform the greater the chances of viewing more adverts.

Can my age group also affect the type of advert I see?

Definitely yes. Other factors that the advertisers consider for the product ad are:

Sex, State, Town of residence, Profession, etc.


How can I increase my chance of earning more?

By truthfully filling in your profile details on the App.

How do I fill my profile ‘truthfully’?

When you download the App FREE on google play. You will be required to fill in your details to register. Answer these questions truthfully and correctly and you stand the chance of increasing your viewership of adverts.

I have registered, what next?

You don’t need to do anything. Just wait and check your App regularly. Videos & Survey questions will automatically appear on your Home screen. Then Click to Watch; Like or dislike & share the advert with friends!

Do you send my details to your advertisers when I answer your survey questions?

Absolutely No. We have an absolutely PRIVACY POLICY with our subscribers. We do not communicate your identity with anyone else.

What are the other streams of income attached to this media App?

Whenever you watch video, answer survey questions and “SHARE” the advert, you will always earn income.

How do I know I have increased my earnings?

You can always check under your ‘REPORT’ module or ‘WALLET’ to find out how much you have earned.

How do I get my money?

You may wish to move your earnings at any time from your wallet, into your account. Go to wallet and follow the instructions.

Can I cash out anytime?

Yes, anytime, provided you have not reached your minimum balance.

Must I use my bank details?

No. You only need to indicate the bank account you want your money to be moved.

Do you store my bank details?

No! That’s why you must provide the bank account details anytime you want to cash out.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No! But multiple users can use an App.

I still have more questions, what can I do?

Please go to our contact page, follow the instructions to reach us. Thank you

Is there any other thing I need to know?

We will update you from time to time. Always check your notification box on your App.